Ambassador Club

How does an owner benefit from participation?  
Since all owners are members of Club at a resort, owners benefit on a number of levels.  If an owner makes a reservation thru the Club private website, the owner will receive 10% of the room revenue as a referral fee after the guest completes their stay.  Some homeowners who have committed the time and effort to this program have seen annual incomes in excess of $50,000!  There is no cost to this program for homeowners to participate.

How does the AOAO/Resort benefit? 
The more guests inquiring through all booking and distribution channels that actually can access and book at your property, the greater the occupancy, the more leverage homeowners have in maximizing rates.  Those revenues fuel the financial health of each homeowner which ultimately reflect in the financial health of the Association.  In short, “rising waters lift ALL boats.

How does the host management company benefit? 
They are the recipient of all Club bookings which help them reach into a new distribution channel.  At the same time they are offering homeowners a greatly expanded opportunity to earn referral fees. 

Why should an owner outside of the host management program care about the financial health of that company?  The host management company provides sales and marketing services as well as site services that ultimately benefit not only the homeowners that they serve directly but all homeowners.  If they cannot do so at a profit, they will either reduce those services (including marketing) or leave your resort.  Ultimately, every homeowner has a stake in having a great management group at their resort whether they choose to participate with them or not.

AEI - Direct

How do owners benefit? 
The primary beneficiary are those owners who place their unit with the host management company as they receive the booking through AEI reservation specialists.

How does the AOAO/Resort benefit? 
This program adds to the reasons cited above helping raise the waters while also helping the host management company grow it’s sales.

How does the host management company benefit? 
It can use Direct to further leverage Club or as a stand-alone program to gain exposure in the VRBO marketplace.  We provide property trained agents to work the very high friction involved in the booking process.  Reservations flow directly into the host property management system reducing operating cost of each reservation.  There are no advertising expenses involved for participation so it is essentially a performance driven distribution system that helps penetrate a new and growing visitor search vehicle.