Ambassador Club

The Ambassador Club program is a marketing program designed to turn owners of resort condominiums into a highly motivated sales force for their resort.  While many condominiums offer owners referral fees, those typically require the owner himself to make the reservation and in most cases, those reservations only involve the owner’s specific unit.  In contrast, the Ambassador Club makes the owner an “Ambassador” for the entire resort allowing him the opportunity to earn fees on every reservation booked due to his efforts –whether it’s for his unit or another.  In fact, an owner could conceivably have someone staying in his own unit and at the same time have referrals staying in any number of other units.

As an “Ambassador” for the resort the owner does not to have to make any phone calls to the property.  Rather, the owner is able to refer potential visitors to a special reservations website.  By going to that website the potential visitor will get a discount on any rate posted on the condominium’s website.  It will be lower than any other available rate and provide real value to potential guests.

Turn Your Homeowners Into
Sales Agents!

Benefit  to Management

The advantage to the condominium management company is significant.  Once implemented, the management company will have an “army of qualified salespeople” selling the resort on a permanent year round basis.  Better yet, these salespeople will only be paid on performance – meaning no funds go out to non-performers.  This “army” will be extremely motivated not only for the money they will earn but because a unit in a resort with high traffic counts will only increase in value.  It is a win-win situation for all parties – the owner, the visitor and the management company.

Benefit To Owner

The advantage for the owner is easy to grasp. Aside from the opportunity to earn significant referral dollars with minimal effort. The owner only has to provide the potential guest with an access code and the visitor does the rest. The program makes it easy for the owner to do just that by providing him with a supply of business cards that can be passed out to whomever the owner pleases. Any reservations made using that owner’s access code will be credited back to that owner.